Embracing an Active Learning Modality

@bealeiderman recently shared this article with me. “It’s a good article, it’s easy to understand, and gets at a point I know we’ve tried to make in the past.” Okay, I’ve read it.

What Project-Based Learning Is (and what it isn’t)…

As teachers learned this past semester in our online course on PBL, there is a difference between learning “through the project” and one that’s added at the end, served as “dessert.” What I liked about this article were the examples educator Azul Terronez uses in his classroom.

(As an aside, the comments are worth reading from this article, too, and raise important distinctions about what’s “new” and “old” about a “true” PBL approach. What I couldn’t help but recognized, however, is how engaging Terronez’s activities sound. That’s distinctive. When you want to do some of those things yourself, it goes beyond sugar-coating activities to be fun. Through these types of activities students can find real passion.)