Learning from… experience

Tonight after school I led the final technology workshop of the year, on podcasting. One of the questions I posed was what it takes for students to remember something well. One response was “a personal experience.”

Many years ago, we convened on a professional development day at the Cub Scout camp in Goochland (thanks to Karren Streagle) and we all worked on a marketing project together for promoting popcorn. The session, entitled “Learning Hacks,” based in part on the book by John Medina entitled Brain Rules, focused on a project-based approach that started with an entry event of smelling and tasting popcorn.

What was cool about re-discovering these photos this evening on my home computer was the “look” of engagement when teachers were poised to learn, working in teams. It brought back some good memories, and reinforced for me the wisdom from today about providing memorable experiences for our students.