5 things to post in your classroom as reminders

This recent article, shared via @PeteGretzGCPS is an interesting read, about how to prepare students for innovation outside of school. I’d recommend taking the five suggestions on taping them up near where we plan lessons or even in our classrooms, as reminders of how we ought to be designing instruction for students.

  1. Play – learning can be fun and we need to give opportunities for play in our classrooms.
  2. Curiosity – inquiry will drive deeper learning and we need to develop and use student curiosity to fuel learning.
  3. Passion – when we think of personalization, we first need to know what our students are interested in and then find opportunities to match learning with these passions.
  4. Fearlessness – we can’t be afraid to make mistakes. We learn from them.
  5. Purpose – the work students take on need purpose; students should be working for making change rather than a grade.

These aren’t easy to do each and every day. But I was struck with how these qualities for promoting innovation also so closely align with deeper learning!