A Matter of Trust

Last week I told my dentist that we have passed out some iPads to students in elementary school. She couldn’t believe it. “How has that worked out so far? I mean, have any been broken?”

Today I came across this quote, emphasis mine:

If a school wants to encourage students to follow their natural inclination towards learning, school materials need to be digital, and available on mobile devices 24/7, Luhtala said. When educators make the materials accessible in these ways, students can find answers to their questions as they arise, and have no excuse for not taking responsibility for their work.

The educator being interviewed added this:

“Passive learning is really not an effective way to teach these kids,” Luhtala said. “The reality is that kids will retain less than ten percent of what we say in a lecture setting. So we need to empower them to become independent learners.”

How do we empower students to become more independent? We have to trust them!

I think her sentiment goes deeply, and beyond the ideas of granting access to social media. The combination of trust in students and our own dose of courage as teachers work in tandem towards approaching ways of teaching that offer deeper learning opportunities.

And no, so far this year, none have been broken!