Fall Technology Classes 2014

Teachers, Administrators and Staff:

Thank you for your patience as we have put together this fall’s technology workshop schedule. Both a form to sign-up for classes and the calendar of classes is available here.

There is a technology requirement for teachers at Goochland County Public Schools to complete 2 hours of technology instruction in an after school setting each year. The “clock” starts in June-July with our summer workshops, so if you took a summer class anytime before New Teacher Academy, then you’re set (as usual). All workshops are free.

New this year is the tech snack. This is a short, immediately after school session held at your school that focuses on how to do something small. These will be organized by our tech coaches based on teacher input about what’s needed at your school. Taking 4 “Snacks” equals the “meal” of a traditional 2-hour workshop. Snacks will be focused on 20 minutes of workshop with up to 10 minutes of question time if required.

I am no longer differentiating between “integration” and “basic” or “advanced” classes. All workshops count toward the requirement. If you have questions about our workshops, please comment below, or drop me an email. We will evaluate things in December and generate a spring schedule for January-March, 2015.

A few notes:

  • TechSnacks offered immediately after school will be organized on the dates found on the calendar and do not require advance signup. These will be organized by your technology coaches Bea and Zoe. I may also offer a few as demand dictates. These sessions are worth 1/4 of a class and taking 4 or more count toward the course requirement.
  • I am offering one “during the day” session on Google Ninja for administrators and support staff.
  • We are also designing an online course based around project-based learning that will be offered later this fall. This online option may be ideal for those with schedules that make an after school session challenging to attend. When it is finalized, it will be offered here on my blog with information on how to enroll.