Logging into Schoology

This year we’ve adopted a new learning management system called Schoology. This is primarily for grades 3-8 however all teachers are permitted to login if your principal elects to use it for professional development.

  1. Visit google.com to ensure that you are logged into Google. If not, use the link in the upper-right hand corner to sign into your Google account.
  2. Go to goochland.schoology.com or click on the “S” logo on our homepage.
  3. You should be automagically brought into Schoology. If you receive an error message, please let us know.

We are using Google Apps as the sign-on mechanism for Schoology. Veteran teachers will have the option to use a Schoology blog in lieu of a WordPress blog. This is a smart option if you plan to integrate Schoology into your lessons this year.

I have posted an introductory video on the layout of Schoology and how to access and set-up your Schoology blog.