Drive for the Summer

Students in our iPad 1:1 program at GES may be interested in learning how to archive some of the content on their iPads for safekeeping over the summer. Over the summer we will be updating all iPads to a new distribution model by Apple and upgrading iPads to iOS 7. At our deployment night this fall, students will need to sign up for an AppleID with their parents to use the iPad for the coming school year.

Files on the iPad are different than what we’re used to on computers. A Pages document, for instance, can only live within the Pages app. There is no easy way to get that data “out,” save for exporting it. Students can, for instance, export a Pages document as a Word file, then opt to open this file in Google Drive. The only files that Apple currently allows to be shared among apps are photos and videos. This tutorial will cover how to move this type of content into Google Drive.

Google Drive is each student’s “virtual hard drive” where content can live off the iPad. Students may access this content through a PC, a Mac, or another mobile device using their Goochland Google credentials. I will show you how to move photos and pictures to your Google Drive account. Parents may wish to consult this guide from Google.