This week we hosted the Region 1 Virginia School Board Association meeting. In attendance were school board members from across the region, superintendents, and school board clerks. Among the highlights of the evening was a dinner catered by the Goochland High School culinary arts students with Ms. Yurick, an art contest with Goochland winning in a category, and a performance from our jazz band.

Students preparing desserts

What really stood out for me was all the teamwork that took place to make the night a success. I think our guests saw optimism in the eyes of our staff and students. They also got to see (and taste!) excellence. And the core value of creativity was on display too.

Mr. Newman, Mr. Watson, Mr. Turner, Mr. Martin, and Mr. Givens, Mr. Greenway, Ms. Yurick, and Mr. Bouwens all had integral parts in making the night a success. Mrs. Hardy, one of our board members, wrote to tell us how proud she was of our school division after the event. I have to agree!

Forum Presentation

The presentation Dr. Geyer and I gave was well-received. It was exciting to entertain others with the positive direction we’ve taken here in Goochland.