Talk to Me about your learning…

One of the things I’ve learned in the past week is how teachers are asking students to talk about their learning. This is happening all over, including here in Goochland. I’ve seen it in the 5th grade with my involvement with the iPads at GES, but I’ve seen it elsewhere too, and the concept came up again during G21 planning at GHS this past Friday.

This blog post demonstrates an example of how an iPad can reenforce this learning method. The student used pretty traditional tools – construction paper and markers – but then digitized their drawing or concept map with a tool we are using at GES called Explain Everything. We’ve also been using a similar tool called Show Me at GHS and GMS. With or without technology, the concept goes like this:

Talk me through how you’re thinking about a task either as you’re doing it, or after you believe you have been successful with it.

This is important, I gather, with some teachers in mathematics. We want to know that students understand the processes behind solving problems like addition, division, or even in algebra. The technology allows us to capture that at school or at home – and offers students the opportunity to articulate their thinking.

Finding this time is sometimes difficult, and I know technology can help. But how often do we ask students to share their thinking behind what they are doing and creating? I think you might be surprised by what we learn!