iOS 7 is Here

This week, Apple released their new mobile operating system called ‘iOS 7.’ This software can be installed on the last few generations of iPads, iPod Touch, and iPhones made by Apple. While it is the “future” for Apple’s mobile computers, it’s not necessarily for everyone.

  1. At this time, our iPad Pilot students at GES should not upgrade their iPads to iOS7. While these devices are well-suited to running the new software, the methods by which we manage these devices are not directly compatible. We have a lot of backend upgrades to perform and testing to complete before we can even consider moving kids to iOS 7.
  2. iOS 7 will offer improved file sharing over the network. With AirDrop, it will be easier than ever to share files over the network, like we’ve seen in the past with Bonjour in iChat and its file sharing capabilities. Paired with Mac OS X Mountain Lion and upcoming Mavericks (10.9), this file sharing can be done between mobile devices and Macs.

Beyond our iPad initiative at GES, we have about 160 other iOS devices in our inventory. These include the iPad carts at GHS, GMS, GES, RES, BES, and our 21st century classroom models at GMS and GHS. After deploying 3rd grade iPads at GES this week, our mobile efforts will next move toward improving the management of these devices with updated tools and procedures. We ask for your patience as we test these new tools (such as Apple Configurator 1.4 and our Capser JAMF MDM server) with each set of devices, one at a time.