A New Learning Adventure Begins

Last night I had the pleasure to address 5th grade parents at Goochland Elementary School to kick off our pilot using iPad Minis in a 1:1 configuration for the first time. I demoed with my colleague Zoe Parrish three “apps” on the iPad – Garage Band, Edmodo, and iMovie. Students returned to school today with their iPads and I visited all three 5th grade classrooms at the start of the day.

A Friday tradition upstairs, led by Mr. Beasley, is to sing the “It’s Friday” Song using his guitar. All the kids in the 4th and 5th grade pour into the hallway and sing along. In the classroom we were talking about how to use an app, but as soon as the strumming started, the whole class rose up and many iPads came along. I was taken back how students automatically thought to capture the event using their new iPads with photos and video.

It was my pleasure to join these classes this morning to witness both some of the ideas we’d covered in this summer’s training, but also the student’s enthusiasm for what lay ahead with learning in a digital, connected way. I look forward to spending much more time at GES this year to aid our students and teachers along the road towards deeper learning. Thanks go to Ms. Ray (library), Mr. Meiller, Ms. Chewning, Ms. Cosby, and Ms. Nixon for their time Thursday evening which was instrumental in getting the iPads out to families. We also appreciate the help of the office staff – Ms. Rigsby, Ms. Trongone, and Ms. Parrish. As I mentioned with parents, we all owe a great debt of gratitude to Mr. Peter Martin for his expertise and hard work in preparing the iPads. We look forward to meeting with more parents on our upcoming nights for fourth grade and third grade in September.

We’ll continue to post information about our iPad Pilot on our dedicated webpage.