Ethics 2013 for NTA


On Friday morning, August 9, 2013, we’re covering our content for Ethics, a required session for all teachers new to Goochland. This workshop is new this year as part of New Teacher Academy. This blog post serves as a copy of “digital notes” for this session.


Take Away

Our Ethics session covers a lot of content in a short period of time. Our goal is to point you into the right direction to maintain ethical standards as a teacher with digital content, especially in connection with blogs, email, and other methods of social media. Our Acceptable Use Policy gives guidance on how our technology and network is to be used, but there are plenty of other opportunities to address issues around internet safety, free speech, copyright, fair use, and privacy. If any of the topics we cover are of special interest to you, we invite you to explore the topic deeper. We believe the best way to teach digital ethics and citizenship with students is to engage them with digital media, tools, and purposeful activities. As educators, we are are in an excellent position to model ethical behavior and to promote good digital citizenship.

As the year progresses, and questions arise, please do not hesitate to contact us and maintain a dialog about these topics and issues!