Using Your Values as a Lens

Leaders often find themselves in the positions to make decisions. In times when resources are scarce, these decisions are often enough tough ones, with many trade-offs to make. One methodology in making decisions is to look at the immediate emotional impact of different stakeholders. Yet, wanting to make people happy with a decision isn’t necessarily the ethical route when making decisions.

The Values Based Leadership that we’ve been hearing about, that’s alive and well at Luck Stone, is all about defining your values and using them as a moral compass. In times of decision making, it is precisely these values that guide your thinking and show your priorities.

I had the great opportunity yesterday to work with our leaders here in Goochland in the AM at Luck for our 2nd summer retreat day. Our morning was spent with principals and CO leaders looking again at G21, learning about new assessment initiatives, and working with our gracious consultant Joseph Kunkel on narrowing down a huge list of over 50 “big ideas” we want to accomplish over the next 6 years.

In the afternoon, we met with our school board about our proposals for a vision, mission, and our core values. I think the core values lay at the heart of what’s important.

Every stakeholder will come to learn about these core values as the school year gets underway.