Keynote Workshop

Presentations and Keynote

Tell me about this presentation – the speaker, the slides, the format…

15 Minutes of Work Time

Download the template and look at details in the notes section.

  • Some Power Tips – John shares some of his presentations
  • Flickr
  • CreativeCommons
  • Shapes
  • Builds
  • MagicMove
  • Simple Slides and Backgrounds
  • Use color slides to divide up presentation
  • It’s okay to break some rules
  • Refine, refine, refine – get feedback

John’s Tips

  • fast tempo – keep engagement up by using a lot of slides
  • emphasize visuals over text when you can
  • Check out the manual and videos from Apple
  • ask yourself what’s the purpose of the slides? Am I giving information away? Or am I leading someone through an experience?
  • Best handouts are a written document – how to copy/paste content from the slides into Pages
  • Another good handout is a podcast episode – narrated slides into Quicktime.
  • Slideshare
  • Export to PPT into Google Presentations
  • Presentation Mode in Keynote with non-mirrored display setting


Post any questions you have in the comments!