Better Blogs, Episode #10

Be authentic. Most writing is a more fun read when it comes from the heart. But there’s an easy way to be authentic – pass the “pen!” Consider giving your students the opportunity to report what they’ve been learning about, what the homework assignment is, or what the class will be doing in the coming week. Students will look forward to reading, watching, and observing their own writing, their projects, and the artifacts of their learning.


As an example, I wrote here about passion and how I believe it relates to engagement. It wasn’t something I did at work; it was simply on my mind one evening before going to bed, and I took a few minutes to get my thoughts out.

It doesn’t have to be the most polished thing… it doesn’t even have to be long. (I can be long winded, so noted!) But writing with an authentic voice will sell your content, whether your 6 years old, 16, or 46.

By the way, I’ve been embedding cool pictures into these posts through Flickr. I am using Creative-Commons licensed photos, and the “Share” capability to simply copy-paste the code into my blog.

flickr sharing