Better Blogs, Episode # 8

Make it useful. Some blog posts might not have an awesome photo, a critical PDF, or the most exciting information. But think about the purpose behind publishing. If the post isn’t useful to someone, why publish?

To find purpose in your blog posts, consider if you’d take the time to go over what’s there with students. Is it a tool you and your students regularly rely upon? If not, why not?

Consider this example blog post (you can click on it to see it full size):

blog post example

There are multiple audiences being referenced here, but you can see how a teacher might introduce the actual assignment through the display of this blog post for students. It’s also communicating to parents what the assignment is, for their reference, and is telling everyone what the weekend’s homework is all about, with context. By tagging it with “G21,” the teacher has made it easy for everyone to be able to find the references to her G21 projects through the tags.