Better Blogs, Episode #7

Use metadata to organize your blog. This includes using the categories and tags to organize posts. The consistent use of these features makes content easier to find.

For instance, I’ve been tagging each one of these blog tips with two tags: blog, and blogging. If you were to click these as they appear above or below your blog post (depending upon which template you have chosen) then you’ll see the entire “collection” of blog posts about… blogs.

I think of categories as audience gates… your categories as a teacher could be:

  • parent news
  • for students
  • on my mind
  • for teachers

Parents can come and instantly blow away all the posts that don’t directly relate to them. Students can do the same. This is not the way you have to use them, but I think it’s a good general rule.

You can also have multiple categories applied to one blog post.

I therefore use tags to identify content-specific keywords. There’s no set limit; but I try to use consistent tags over time.