Revisiting Google Earth

We have two Google Earth classes this winter/spring and I’m always amazed to learn more teachers aren’t using this tool!

It’s great for:

  • hands-on map skills,
  • elementary social studies standards (latitude, longitude, continents, bodies of water, regions, etc.),
  • distance, units, measurement,
  • history (historical maps, placeholders),
  • place and location in literature (Google Lit Trips),
  • change over time (satellite history),
  • solar system (moon, mars, etc.),
  • weather systems,
  • all the third-party content (photos, articles, embedded videos, etc.),
  • science (environment, oceans, research)

I’ve made a 11-ish minute video on just getting your feet wet with Google Earth. I hope if you have never tried it, it won’t scare you away. For me personally, Google Earth is a lot of fun to play with and to explore our planet with, and I think it would be that way for any curious student!

So where to begin after you start to play? We’ve compiled a great list of online resources both for learning what more you can do with Google Earth, and how you can use it at a variety of grade levels and in a variety of subject areas.

I hope you’ll join us at one of our sessions soon – on January 31, 2013 at GES with Krystle Demas and on March 13th with me, location TBD!