Trimble SketchUp Basics

SketchUp is a free 3D modeling program. I plan on presenting about this application and its reach into education later this month as part of an evening webinar for VSTE.

SketchUp is installed on everyone of our teacher and student computers. The video linked below will introduce SketchUp, which I think can be introduced in 3rd grade with success, and it is robust enough to be used through high school, as it’s professionally used by architects.

For more how-to instruction with SketchUp, take a gander at these online resources.

I’ve found using SketchUp to be personally rewarding when I’ve overcome design challenges–or simply figuring out how to model something. This application is an excellent introduction to 3D design and drawing and it can be used to create models that will be printed in 3D! There are also plugins available to make your models more photo-realistic.