Defining Blended Learning…

The Virginia DOE is interested in learning about blended learning here and around Virginia. They’re using a model proposed by the Innosight Institute to define or classify blended learning along four scenarios.

  1. A rotation model (station rotation, lab-rotation, flipped classroom, individual rotation),
  2. Flex model (instruction is primarily delivered online),
  3. Self-blend (online courses independent of traditional courses taken at school),
  4. Enriched-virtual (whole school experience; virtual school with brick-and-mortar face to face opportunities).

These models are important as requirements come to Virginia divisions around offering online learning experiences, which can include blended models.

The first model is likely what we’ve traditionally seen in our schools. I know the flex model is used in one teacher’s classes at the high school, and has been for at least 8 years. We’ve also had the self-blended model used with offerings online through Virtual Virginia and our Blue Ridge Virtual Governor’s School.

As we have access to tools such as Moodle and Edmodo, think about how you can vary instruction using one of these virtual approaches!