Looking for Volunteers!

I’m interested in exploring the use of the Khan Academy with students. I’ve put together a 10-minute video to provide you the skinny on what it’s all about.

  1. There are YouTube videos. Lots of them. This is how it all started.
  2. There are now practice activities in Math. They’re well done.
  3. Students and teachers (called Coaches) can monitor student progress.

I’m planning for some after-school workshops later in 2013 in using Khan as a tech integration course. But why wait? If you’re interested in putting a small group of students in now, contact me via e-mail. Here are some of the available units:

  • area, perimeter, volume
  • trigonometry
  • conic sections
  • matrices
  • decimals
  • fractions
  • telling time
  • absolute value
  • quadratic functions

To learn more about Khan directly, this page explains things nicely.