Citizens Shared Today

Today I visited the high school media center to find a collaborative G21 project by Ms. Yearout-Patton, Ms. Washburn, and Ms. Gargiulo taking place. Citizens in Goochland were invited to come to GHS to be interviewed by students. The goal? Collect oral histories to paint a historical picture of Goochland County.

“This is what it’s all about,” said Yearout-Patton.

The project was inspired by a history of Grundy, Virginia shown to Ms. Washburn. The aim is to eventually publish the histories with multimedia to the Library of Congress.

  • Real-world experience? Check.
  • Communications skills? Check.
  • Technology & media literacies? Check.
  • Multicultural? Well, certainly multi-generational.
  • Research? Double-check.

These are the types of projects I’m most proud our students are able to take part in, as part of their Goochland education. There was genuine enthusiasm and engagement from both students and our guests. As I passed Ms. Yearout-Patton, taking pictures, she said to me, “Sir, this is what it’s all about.” Indeed, it is.