Getting Social – with Blogs and More

This morning I came across this blog post on creating a powerful classroom blog. It’s got some good tips from an educator in South Dakota.

Yesterday, I led two professional development sessions with teachers. The first was around Edmodo and the second was around Twitter.

When I visit with teachers next month (read: August), one of the topics will be our blogging initiative and where it needs to evolve. Edmodo and Twitter will be new options. But I also saw the excitement from teachers in those sessions about the new features in our upgraded WordPress, too. The important thing is not the tool we use (although the tools offer different trade-offs regarding ease of use, functionality & features), but rather the opportunities of communication with social tools.

This year, as we again embrace social tools as teachers, think about how you can inject your digital contributions with a shot of “steroids,” as suggested in the blog post I listed above. The best way to prepare is to re-consider your audience. While I know parents are one of our biggest stakeholders for blog readership, try directing blog posts or Edmodo announcements directly to students. The most powerful, affective way social media can be used is via engagement!

If you have ideas on how to “turn up” blogs, let me know if the comments for the benefit of our teachers.