Twenty-First Century Learning


I am so proud of the presentation Erin-Yearout Patton and Bea Cantor did this afternoon at the EdTech Conference in Petersburg at VSU. They provided their enthusiasm for teaching and learning around project-based and hands-on approaches with technology.

I’m not a particularly emotional person… But tears filled my eyes. I learned more than I obviously knew about EYP’s teaching experiences. My model and vision for the twenty-first century classroom was working, but it was so little about the tools… It works because of the passion held by the teacher and her willingness to stretch her thinking about pedagogy. She credits many sources for her inspiration for teaching, but the one I felt was most profound was a high school teacher of her own. She provided “G21″ experiences all the time. She knew how profound that learning was for her, and that’s what inspires her teaching today.

Check out Bea’s blog for more information on their presentation.

I’m very proud of Mrs. Yearout-Patton’s hard work and the results she’s been achieving with iPads and MacBooks both. Thanks to Mrs. Cantor in supporting her and talking her into sharing her teaching experiences at GHS.

The best compliment came from a Goochland parent who told EYP “I want my child to have you as a teacher!”