Gary on Apps…

As we explore the potential of mobile devices in our schools, I’d like to point out Dr. Stager’s thinking (via @beacantor):

> Pretending that artificial intelligence has advanced to the point where competent teachers may be replaced by apps is at best wishful thinking, regardless of what the vendors tell you. I am saddened most by educational technology enthusiasts advocating uses of computers that reinforce the worst aspects of schooling.

I want teachers to know that when I am choosing which apps go onto our devices, I am specifically avoiding certain kinds. I’ve gone so far to install some drill-type apps that I think have at least some merit. But I am far more interested in the higher-order possibilities, and that’s why we’ve installed the likes of Garage Band and iMovie on almost every device.

Dr. Stager is concerned about software where no new knowledge is created, and I know that in some cases, some of the titles we have can provide that “feature,” a case being “Stack the States,” which is also mentioned by Ms. Davis in the article. If I don’t know where the states belong, and I put them in the wrong spot, I’ll eventually figure it out.

We’re still early in the development of mobility devices, and I believe it’s critical to approach them slowly enough to choose the right experiences for our students (with the best software) which will include patience as the better stuff is developed.