Leading into the Future

ASCD puts out some good stuff, but this article by Larry D. Rosen was lacking in quality.

Entitled Teaching the iGeneration, Rosen first is bemused by the fact that young children can download apps and upgrade computers. It’s not hard, Dr. Rosen. You click a button. Monkey see, monkey do.

So, then we run through some statistics about net use, and these are solid. I consulted some of the same sources in my convocation keynote. But then things turn afoul.

> Nor should teachers feel responsible for finding educational technologies to use in their classrooms. Teachers are required to teach specific content. The point is not to “teach with technology” but to use technology to convey content more powerfully and efficiently.

Here’s where I disagree. True, teachers shouldn’t use technology just to use it. But, we should all feel a responsibility to improve our craft. And technology has a role in the lives of students (and in school). And technology’s purpose goes far beyond conveying content, Dr. Rosen. It should inspire a change in pedagogy. Technology is a tool, and as a tool, it ought to be used to do something in the hands of our students. Solve problems, create something. Not just simply to convey information or content.

He closes with this, which I can appreciate more:

> Now, we need to take advantage of their love of technology to refocus education. In doing so, we’ll not only get students more involved in learning, but also free up classroom time to help them make meaning of the wealth of information that surrounds them.

But the road to this path is long and challenging. It is a responsibility we all share.