A Race for Marks

If you haven’t stopped and thought about this for awhile, please have my permission to do so now since you’re at my blog.

> Why do we want to learn? Why do kids want to learn? Where does the motivation come from?

Recently I read this blog post which is really the thing you should be reading (and not my 2ยข) because a pre-school teacher found out with her students that assigning grades (or marks) to work killed their intrinsic motivation.

I’m motivated for two reasons to learn: either I have to learn to do something, or else, I follow my own curiosity. But I am confident we don’t want to be telling kids to learn because they have to learn something. For me, it’s a behavior I call lifelong learning. But as this new school year starts, consider how to enable students to learn with intrinsic motivation. I’m not suggesting we don’t grade their work, but what other things do we do to kill one’s motivation to learn?

(via @alfiekohn)