Summer Workshops

This Summer – Technology Workshops

This summer I am proud to announce our offering of a variety of professional development opportunities for teachers and administrators. All courses are “integration” level if not marked “Basic.”


9 Hours | 9AM-12PM June 8-10, 2011 | Central Office Learn the basics of creating your own online course using Moodle. Similar to Blackboard (but easier to use), Moodle can be used to augment classroom activities with online tests and quizzes and discussion forums. Or, just use Moodle to store videos, resource materials, and to collect assignments.

Each day we’ll cover different Moodle activities so by the third day, you can decide which ones will work for you and your students.

During this workshop, we’ll model collaboration with students working in small groups.


9 Hours | 1PM-4PM June 8-10, 2011 | Central Office Come learn about a fun application that has been used to create over 1.5 million games and animations! This is ideal for grades 3-8. Students will practice a variety of 21st century skills, with a strong application of mathematics. Scratch teaches principles of computer programming in a fun, and easy to use environment. Learn about the Scratch website where students can share their work with an international audience.

During this workshop, we’ll model problem solving and critical thinking, not to mention a good dose of creativity. As time allows, we’ll introduce the PICO board accessory.

Google Apps for Students

6 Hours | 1PM-4PM June 9-10, 2011 and 9AM-12PM August 1-2, 2011 Google’s App collection includes Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Forms, and Drawing. But what else is there? Learn how to leverage Google’s suite of tools in the classroom. Turn off the printer and partake in the paperless revolution. You’ll learn how to leverage these tools for document collaboration, discussions, and more.

During this workshop we’ll model collaboration and communication using the Web’s hottest “Web 2.0″ tools. The first portion of the class will cover a number of Google Goodies, and in part 2, we look at what we offer students. Leave with a variety of ideas for using Google’s apps every day. For students grades 5-12.

iLife ’11: iMovie and Student Engagement

6 Hours | 9AM-4PM June 13, 2011 During the first half, we’ll make iMovie gurus out of each of you. And in the second, we’ll explore a variety of methods for incorporating movie-making methodologies into your classes. We’ll cover what’s new with the new iMovie, but we’ll also dive into methods for student engagement. You’ll leave with the understanding that creating video is a powerful media tool and learning practice.

During this workshop we’ll model collaboration, communication, creativity, and technical literacy. While previous experience with iMovie will be helpful, you can also use this class to dive into video editing on the Mac.

iLife ’11: GarageBand for Podcasting with Students

3 Hours | 9AM-12PM June 14, 2011 We’ll start our first hour by going over the GarageBand ’11 interface and the basics of recording and editing audio.

In the remainder of the workshop, you’ll work on a production team and create an instructional podcast. We’ll experience the 21st century skills of research, communications, small-group collaboration, creativity, and teaching others.

Inquire to Inspire: The Next Chapter

6 Hours | 9AM-4PM June 14, 2011 For our professional development day in February, 2011, we explored the theme of “Inquire to Inspire.” In this day-long workshop, we’ll further explore the use of inquiry-based learning across the curriculum using a variety of online resources and instructional strategies. We’ll also explore the role of inquiry in the larger framework of twenty-first century learning. Part of this workshop will also include classroom management with technologies and how to structure a 30- or 90-minute period to maximize student learning.

iLife ’11: iPhoto for Student Photographers

3 Hours | 1PM-4PM June 14, 2011 First we’ll explore the basics of iPhoto and point out some of the new features in Apple’s photo editing and cataloging application.

Next, we’ll cover advanced photo editing using Acorn 3.0.

And we’ll finish with several student project scenarios that make use of digital photos. We’ll experience the management of time and resources, media literacy, communication, and real-world applications in this workshop.

iWork Suite: Overview | Basic

3 Hours 9AM-12PM June 15, 2011 We’ll devote about an hour each in this “Basic Level” class to the iWork applications that can be used in and outside of the classroom: Pages, Numbers, and Keynote.

This class is intended for folks new to iWork, or folks who want to cover what’s new with the ’09 versions of the software. This is open to teachers, administrators, and all other staff issued computers.

iWork Suite: Suite in the Classroom

3 Hours 1PM-4PM June 15, 2011 In the afternoon (integration level) session, we’ll tie each of the 3 tools to pedagogy, with ideas for student projects that use a variety of tools in conjunction with Pages, Keynote, and Numbers. Leave with the confidence of what you can do with your students using these productivity tools.

We’ll model technology literacy, research, and teaching others in this workshop. The morning session is not required for this workshop.

Digital Storytelling

5 Hours | 9AM-3PM June 15, 2011 In this workshop, we’ll explore all the digital tools we can use to tell digital stories. We’ll cover models for storytelling, and provide examples of using storytelling in a variety of subject areas.

This workshop will begin with basic instruction, and our afternoon session will invite participants to work in collaborative teams to apply the pedagogy of storytelling with core content. 21st century skills covered will include communication, problem solving, creativity, and teaching others.

iOS Devices in the Classroom

6 Hours | 9AM-4PM June 16, 2011 In this workshop, we’ll explore the (new) world of iPods and iPads. Based on research learned from our iPod “iLearn” pilot program in elementary grades this school year, we’ll look at educational apps, managing iOS devices, and ideas for using these personal devices in the classroom.

We’ll explore cloud computing and QR codes while we learn ourselves with this new hand-held technology.

This course is primarily intended for elementary teachers and any secondary teachers who might have access to iPod Touch devices or iPads in SY 2011-12.

Office 2011: Word | Basic

3 Hours | 9AM-12PM July 11, 2011 This class will cover the basics of Microsoft Word Word Processor. We’ll cover new features, as well as practical how-tos on performing routine operations, including page numbering, using formatting rules, utilizing desktop publishing templates, and more.

Office 2011: Excel | Basic

3 Hours | 1:30PM-3:30 PM July 11, 2011 This class will cover the basics of the spreadsheet, using Microsoft Excel, 2011 edition for Macintosh. We’ll cover new features such as sparkline graphs, in addition to basics for lists, calculations, and using a pivot table.

Inspiration 9

3 Hours 9AM-12PM July 18, 2011 Inspiration is software for visually organizing and planning. This secondary-only application will be of benefit to English teachers for planning writing, but also for anyone else in the division who is looking for a tool that can help students organize information. Use Inspiration to create word maps, to plan a science lab, or tell the story behind a major battle.

We’ll also cover how Inspiration comes alive using an interactive white board like Promethean.

Kidspiration 3

3 Hours 9AM-12PM July 18, 2011 Kidspiration is software for visually organizing and planning. This elementary-only application will be of benefit to language arts teachers for planning writing, but also for anyone else looking for a “hands on” tool that can help students organize information. Use Kidspiration to teach math, or to create word webs, to sequence events, or tell a story using Kidspiration’s inventory of graphic symbols.

We’ll also cover how Kidspiration comes alive using an interactive white board like Promethean, or how it can be used as a station.

Promethean Workshop Integration

3 Hours 1PM-4PM August 1, 2011 We’re changing our Promethean materials to reflect the newest versions of ActivInspire, dual pens, and Activotes. In Promethean Basic, we’ll cover content previously covered in Levels 1-2. This will be a fast ride from the beginning, but we’ll stop along the way for questions and expert tips.

Promethean Workshop Advanced

3 Hours 1PM-4PM August 2, 2011 In our second session, we’ll cover creating your own interactive flipchart documents, sharing with the Planet, and utilizing Activotes. This covers materials from our flipchart development sessions, and levels 3-4.

During the school year, we plan to offer classes specifically geared towards certain subject areas (language arts, social studies, mathematics, etc.).

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