Publishing Keynotes to Google

I often get asked what the best way is to share a presentation (PowerPoint, Keynote, flipchart). Since we have Google Apps for Education here in Goochland, you can upload your presentation into Google and either share it (publish), embed it on your blog, or even share it so others can add to it themselves.

As it turned out, this is the 150th episode of my podcast, TechTimesLive. Our first podcast was recorded on October 3, 2005 I think, and the early episodes were audio-only. But as it became easier to create informative screencasts, a number of the latest episodes are in a video format. 150 is just a number, but it feels like a milestone number to me. The 5 years, and 150 episodes total more than 4 GB of content!

And today, I have a meeting with GMS Principal Johnette Burdette to show her how to podcast. It continues to be an innovative way to deliver multimedia to both computers and the growing segment of handheld devices we use.