What did you learn?

Every time I come back from a conference or workshop outside of Goochland, I try to ask myself that question—what did I learn?

What did you take away? Sometimes it’s technical, but sometimes it’s emotional. This conference in Cambridge, MA was a mixture of both, but more emotional. It “recharged” me and my thinking about education in ways other conferences have never done.

Group Photo with Dr. Resnick

My thanks go out to Dr. Mano Talaiver for helping Bea and I fund our trip to Boston and to attend the conference. We have plans to bring more scratching to Virginia in the upcoming school year through sessions at EdTech, VSTE, and perhaps even a “Scratch Virginia” event. Stay tuned!

Pictured above are myself with Dr. Manorama Talaiver, Dr. Mitchel Resnick of MIT, Bea Cantor, and Rebecca Bowen. Dr. Talaiver and Mrs. Bowen are from Longwood University.