Google “Stuff” for SY 2010-11

In doing recently planning with my colleagues this year, I’ve decided to make some changes next year to the Google Apps for Education domain we currently have been running in “beta” with a handful of students.

This service has been providing filtered e-mail, docs, and presentations to students. Because of a new e-mail and chat policy that we will be presenting to the school board soon, we will be required to archive all e-mail, and we currently cannot afford to archive student e-mail. Therefore, effective this June, student e-mail on this service will no longer be offered.

However, I do plan on making this service available next year to all secondary students. And today, in addition to the services mentioned above, I have added Google Wave, the revolutionary new Web 2.0 communications platform by Google to the domain.

Please consider taking our GoogleGoodies class this summer if you’d like to learn more about how you can leverage these innovative suite of tools into your teaching next school year.