Summer Classes 2010

Participating in these courses can help you prepare for the 2010-11 school year by taking care of your technology integration course requirement now, in the summer! Please note the only class that does not count toward this requirement is the Mac and Internet basics class. All classes (except for Scratch/Alice) come with recertification points.

To sign up for courses, either follow the special links listed below, or visit our class signup page for all the rest! Our target for each course is 6 or more participants. Classes with fewer participants can be canceled. The status of classes will be added to each page on the wiki (for Scratch/Alice, you must apply, and your participation in the course will be confirmed in an e-mail).

Scratch and Alice: Diginspire II

Goochland Central Office Training Room Monday June 21st through Friday June 25th Ideal for Teachers Covering Grades 4-12 Special Signup Required

John G. Hendron and Bea Cantor, instructors

Alice is a 3D environment where you can control what characters do in the 3D space and what they do over time. The Alice “programming” environment uses drag and drop blocks to construct “sentences,” teaching the basics of computer programming to advanced middle and high school students.

Scratch is a 2D environment where media comes alive! Like Alice, using drag and drop blocks, Scratch allows students to create their own media and games. Participants will get a PICOBoard, an add-on for Scratch that allows for input by way of special buttons, sound, and light.

Participants in this class must attend all 5 days and there are teacher stipends for this project. Your participation beyond the summer-long course is required, joining other teachers across Virginia in developing instructional modules for use with your students.

40 hours; paid stipend, advanced level (integration +)

Ethics of Copyright/Cyberspace and Internet Safety

Online via Moodle June 1, 2010 through June 30, 2010 Ideal for for All Teachers

John G. Hendron, instructor

This is the required course for new teachers with Goochland County Schools. But what’s changed since you last took “ethics?” We cover personal ethics for teachers, Internet safety for students, plus we’ll give you the skinny on copyright issues both online and off.

Asynchronous; 10 recertification points, integration level

Mac and Internet Basics

Central Office Downstairs Monday July 5 through Wednesday, July 7, 2010 from 9 AM – Noon Ideal for All Teachers

John G. Hendron, instructor

This slower-paced workshop will “start from scratch” with the MacBook laptop and Mac OS X Leopard. We’ll cover the file system, backups, and tips and tricks you can use throughout the system. We’ll also cover tips on organizing files. We also cover some basics about the Web and Internet, looking at search engines, best practices, and more. Best yet: we’ll answer your questions!

9 hours workshop; 10 recertification points, basic level

It’s Raining Bits! Digital Buckets and Student Success

Central Office Downstairs Monday July 12 through Wednesday, July 14 from 1-4 PM Ideal for Teachers covering Grades 6-12

John G. Hendron, instructor

This workshop will focus on student research practices that you can use too! We’ll cover Web 2.0 websites that you and students can use along with computers to create digital libraries of information. We’ll introduce the concept of folksonomy (keyword tagging), our digital bucket system, and managing the overflow of information available today online. Learn how to use almost any type of media online in your classroom.

9 hours workshop; 10 recertification points, integration level

G21 Stimulus Package

Central Office Downstairs Monday July 19 through Thursday July 22 from 9 AM – Noon Ideal for All Teachers

John G. Hendron, instructor

This is a repeat from last summer’s workshop on exploring the ins- and outs- of 21st century learning. By the end of this workshop, you’ll end up with your G21 plan for next school year (2010-11).

We’ll focus on how to be an innovative instructor, we’ll explore tools both on our laptops and the newest ones available online, and we will tap into possibilities with partnering with other schools from around the world. We’ll also discuss ways to raise the “G21” temperature when the laptops aren’t available. Join us and graduate with expertise in twenty-first century learning!

12 hours workshop; 12 recertification points; integration level

Promethean Master Class

Central Office Downstairs Monday August 2, 2010 through Wednesday August 4, 2010 9 AM – 3 PM Ideal for teachers with a Promethean board

John G. Hendron, instructor

In the mornings, we’ll cover (and review) Promethean ActivInspire concepts delivered in our Levels 1-3 classes. In the afternoon, we’ll focus on flipchart development. The hour of noon-1PM will be a lunch on your own time.

15 hours workshop; 15 certification points; integration level