Blogging Space

Several teachers have contacted me of late about the space on their blog for pictures and media. “New pictures aren’t loading!” they write. Well, I’ve got both good and bad news.

First, it’s imperative (read: required) to re-size photos for the Web. This has always been the case. While those 5-, 6-, 7-, 8-, and 9-megapixel images look great for printing, there are far too many pixels within them for the Web.

Use iPhoto or Preview to re-size photos to web-friendly sizes. In iPhoto, use the Export function, and choose a size in pixels. The width of your photos should be in the range of 300-450 pixels, maximum.

The screenshot above is from my blog: on your WordPress dashboard, you’ll see how much free space you have. 150 MB is the equivalent to 1.5 Zip disks (for those of you who remember those), or about 1/10 of a gigabyte.

This photo, above, is 24KB. It’s size is 288×310 pixels. With 150 MB of space, you should be able to store over 5,000 photos like this in your blog space. If you are running out of space, please do check your resources, and ensure that you are only uploading media that has been optimized for the Web, in terms of size. While download times at work may be pretty quick, folks with dial-up connections really suffer when they hit a webpage with a 2- or 4-megabyte image.