ITRT Summer Conference

This July, the Virginia Society for Technology in Education is sponsoring its ITRT Summer Camp, where I’ll be presenting on spaces online for sharing your… stuff. Resource teachers have web links, presentations, tutorials, and more to share with not only their colleagues in schools, but also with one another.

You can download the slides from my presentation; or if you like the multimedia experience, I’ve chatted through the ideas with the slides in this video.

            <br /><a href=";sec=1310609">Sharing: It's a 2-Way Street</a> from <a href=";sec=1310609">John Hendron</a> on <a href=";sec=1310609">Vimeo</a>.

The main idea?

  • Share the Resources You Use
  • Tell Us How You Used the Resource(s)
  • Evaluate its Effectiveness Towards Your (Instructional) Goals