AP Government Homework

Throughout the year your homework will be posted here. Often I will supply a link. Always, email if you are unsure: eyearoutpatton@glnd.k12.va.us. Links in Schoology are available for review. If you have Schoology, use it, please. Thanks to everyone who cannot yet use it for being patient and supportive.

If you finish an assignment that is late, it is your responsibility to email me that it is done.This will expedite the process, because work that is completed on time, is processed before late work. *
Schoology and glnd Google= username 14jeffersont@glnd.k12.va.us
             password-this is your own password-you made it last year
Day One
Day Two
Day One
Supreme Court Case Folder-Readings due Wednesday (In Schoology Chapter Two Folder)
Day Two
Supreme Court Case Folder-Readings due Thursday
(In Schoology Chapter Two Folder)

If you are still unable to access Schoology-here are the links you need for Moodle-only use this if you cannot access Schoology

Notes from 8/25-8/27

Videos and questions-Due Thursday by10:00 pm for ALL classes
Notes from 8/25-8/27


 Chapter One, Guided Reading, Due 8/26 for all classes 10:00 pm  (Moodle)

Start reading Chapter Two-we will work w/ the content beginning next Wednesday

Great job getting your syllabi in:)

Remember Syllabus

D1B2-3-Monday’s Classwork and Homework

-Have Chapter One from your text read by Friday

Outlines and notes are appropriate, but not required

-Syllabus returned and signed

———— All blocks-

Writing Prompt (if not done in class)

Identify the core value that matters most to you.

Explain why.

Identify the core value that matters least to you.

Explain why.


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