Sep 11

We Remember, So We Do Not Forget

Last night President Obama addressed the nation about ISIS. During his speech my students discussed his recommendations using Schoology’s class discussion board. It was a very profound learning experience.

When President Obama recognized the anniversary of 9/11, my students were reserved. For me a storm of emotions surfaced, but I was much older on that beautiful Thursday morning in September. My students were four and five years old. While their memories are not as vivid, their thoughts on 9/11 are important, and so is my responsibility to ensure we do not forget.

As a government teacher, and the wife of a USMC Veteran, it matters to me that we ALL remember. I truly believe through reflection, education, and engagement, the future leaders of our nation, the very students I teach, will help ensure our world finds itself in a more peaceful state.

Today, instead of sharing their thoughts electronically, we used the last few minutes of class to reflect on what 9/11 means. Their exit passes I share below:

“I feel today is a day to remember all the loved ones that were lost.”

“…we remember the brave 1st responders who risked their lives…”

“I’m thankful for all those who have died for my freedom.”

“The day saddens me because we lost a lot of people. We have lost a lot of freedoms because of the attack.”

“…it hits home for everyone…it could happen anywhere.”

“Today is a day we celebrate our freedom. We have gotten far in life. Everyone needs to pay their respect for our veterans.”

“Today is an important day to remember the lives that were lost. Also, to remember the families…”

Here are clips from class, which I will share tomorrow.

Our friends to the North

Remembering Our Americans 

Preserving Memory