Sep 06

A Great Presentation

Today we were able to hear an informative presentation from our local American Legion Post regarding a wonderful scholarship opportunity.

This year you may earn scholarship funds, improve your knowledge of this great nation and your speaking skills. You and any underclassmen are eligible to participate in the Oratorical Contest. Please continue to check the link for updates and resources. You may also reach the Post 215 using any of the following:

Goochland, VA Post 215

~ 0  mi.

3386 RIVER ROAD W GOOCHLAND, VA 23063 Phone: Unavailable
Email:  jul:4dogs@gmail.com

Also, note the many other opportunities for scholarships this great organization offers. Tomorrow, Post 215 will visit us again and your Guidance Department. They will go through all things college for us!

Looking forward to another outstanding day of learning and inquiry with the Class of 2013!

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