Sep 03

The Value of Labor


From http://www.dol.gov/100/

Today, millions of Americans, including the ones living at my home, are enjoying a day off from work. It is wonderful to have this day to spend with family and celebrate the value and dignity of a job well done. The irony for many, is that we will still be working in some capacity today.

For centuries, Americans have worked hard to ensure each generation has a better life. Mothers and fathers have worked two jobs or gone to school at night to reach career and personal goals, which has often ensured a better life for their families. Teachers and coaches come in the mornings or stay after in the evenings to ensure their students understand the material and are successful. Nurses stay by a patient’s bed side, even though it is not required, to ensure all is well. Grassroots organizers work for free, to ensure Americans are registered to vote. Janitors make sure that last spot is buffed out of the floor, so it sparkles for all who come in the building. In previous decades, women like my Meme, ensured the hem was perfect on the outfits they created for other American women to wear to work. She and so many more took pride in putting the final touch on the outfit,  the “Made in America” label.  Many CEOs work tirelessly to ensure the best for their company and their employees. Of course, the brave men and women defending our nation, now and in decades past, are to be honored and thanked for keeping us safe, and protecting the natural rights we hold so dear! There are many stories to tell about the importance of labor, which is something we will revisit throughout the year as we begin to research the history of our county and region, and the hard work of those who have created a wonderful place for us to call home.  Those stories remain, as does our dedication to service and getting the job done.

We have made great strides as a nation to ensure that work in this nation is respected and protected. Examine our nation’s past, and discover all the ways our citizens and government have improved labor at the Department of Labor’s webpage. There is always room to make the latter better, and that is what your generation will do! Thank each of you for a great first two weeks at GHS and a job well done! Keep moving mountains…

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