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Commonly Confused Words_176 of them!!

Commonly Confused Words Quiz

Style and Clarity Quiz

Word Choice Quiz_No. 66


Personal Pronoun List


Vivid Verb List


Parts of Speech Application Quiz

Nouns, Verbs, adverbs, adjectives practice


Printable lists of prepositions and linking verbs.


Cengage Learning Quizzes

Finding Subjects and Verbs Quiz

Independent Simple Subjects and Predicates

Verb-Subject Treasure Hunt (BBC)

Subject and Verb Definitions

Purdue OWL Fragment Quiz

OWL Fragments/Sentences Quizzes

Identifying Fragments in Passages

Spotting Fragments Quiz

Sentence or Fragment Quiz

Sentence v. Fragment Quiz

Grammar Bytes – Fragments

Soccer Capitalization Review

Magical Capitals

Capitalization Grader

Capitalization Quiz

Here are some helpful links for you to use as you strengthen your grammar muscles. Visit these sites for help as you study!

Grammar Girl (My personal favorite for quick tips and hints.)

Grammar Blast Games & Activities (Grades 6-8)

Grammar Ninja

Great Source iWrite 

Maggie’s Learning Adventures

Larry Bell’s 12 Power Words (Excellent terms for test taking and comprehension!) (Find out the meanings of common sayings)

Phrase v. Clause Quiz

Direct/Indirect Objects Quiz

Direct Object Quiz

Direct Object Quiz II