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Feb 23


Students and parents: The Writing SOL is coming soon: March 10 (multiple choice) and 11 (composition). 8th Grade Writing SOL Study Guide is available here. Please use this resource to supplement the notes and materials received during class. This study guide is also available in the students’ Google Drive English 8(H) folder. Let’s shoot for excellence!

Feb 23

English 8: 2/23-27/2015

Monday, Feb. 23 Intermediate Paragraph Correction 1-2 Mock Writing SOL online #1 (IA-Created Review) Honesty essay work (Google Drive) HW: Intermediate Paragraph Correction 3   Tuesday, Feb. 24 Review Intermediate Paragraph Correction 3 2. Intermediate Paragraph Correction 4 Conclude Honesty Essay (Submit to Schoology) HW: Intermediate Paragraph Correction 5   Wednesday, Feb. 25 Review Intermediate Paragraph …

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Feb 20

English 8: 2/16-20/2015


Feb 09

English 8: 2/9-13/2015

Monday, Feb. 9 Warm-up: Capitalization exercise (paragraph writing) Explain -> “What does it mean to feel “invisible”?” & “Belief is half the healing.” Read “Yew Trees” through “Could it Be” HW: Capitalization quiz on Friday   Tuesday, Feb. 10 Warm-up: Paragraph correction Prompt response: “Is honesty always the best policy?” Pre-writing & Brainstorming (15 mins) …

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Feb 02

English 8: 2/2-6/2015

Monday, Feb. 2 IA Packet Questions **10:15 – LMC Book Fair (B2); 2:00 – LMC Book Fair (B4) Why might people be afraid of the truth? writing prompt (2 paragraphs & common errors) “Read Three Stories” through “Grandma” Character and symbolism chart catch ups   Tuesday, Feb. 3 (Warm up writing) What can you INFER …

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