Monthly Archive: December 2014

Dec 15

English 8: 12/15-19

Monday, December 15 MAP Testing (B4) Commonly Confused Words Review (good, well; loose, lose; know, no) Commonly Confused Word Quiz (No Red Ink) Work on Research (Outline & In-text citations) Tuesday, December 16 Do not meet (exams) Wednesday, December 17 Do not meet (exams) Thursday, December 18 AR Reading & Reports Commonly Confused Words (a, …

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Dec 08

English 8: 12/8-12

Monday, December 8 Usage Review & Quiz (it’s/their/too/accept/effect/accept/except) Begin research (Completing 5 Sources Page) Tuesday, December 9 Usage: (you’re, your; lose, loose) MAP Goal & Review (Figurative Language) Social Experiment (UVA-based research article about over-stimulation) Wednesday, December 10 Usage (Know, now, no; good, well) Figurative language review Greek & Latin Roots Review Thursday, December 11 …

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Dec 07

Vivacious Vocab Creations


Our B2 & B4 students are awesome! Prior to the MAP test, we discussed the importance of vocabulary, especially Greek and Latin roots. The students received a list of some of the most common roots (many of which they learned in sixth and seventh grades) and were instructed simply to “make a study guide, game, …

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Dec 01

English 8: 12/1-5

Monday, December 1 Intro types of sentences (Simple, compound, complex, compound-complex) To/Two/Too Differentiation Intro Research Paper (Student Materials & Models) Topic Introduction & Selection Distribute Research Packets Practice Logging in with Schoology HW: Finalize topic for paper   Tuesday, December 2 Usage Review (Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?) Research: • Ms. Leiderman: Using Wikipedia …

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