Dec 30

Research Paper Topics

For semester 2, we will be tackling our first formal research paper of the year. Lots of details are involved here, and students will be learning the intricacies of MLA style, formatting, etc. Some students and I briefly discussed some topics prior to Winter Break, and here are some of the acceptable research paper topics. We will finalize these for each student in class to ensure the topic is acceptable, specific, and will give the student enough information to research and discuss. The topics listed here are just to get your brain working until next week. :-) More topics may be added, while some may be dropped as we evaluate their viability!

8H, 8A, and English 8 will begin their topics at different times, and a schedule will be given

POTENTIAL Topics for Research Paper*

Please remember that all topics MUST be approved by Ms. Thomas and your parent(s)/guardian.

• Endangered animals (choose 1-2 specific animals, breeds, or species)

• A specific historical or literary figure (non-fiction)

• Sports safety (injuries, new rules/regulations, lawsuits, future, etc.)

• Investigating the effects of social media on your future (job applications, privacy, etc.)

• Arts & artists of the Renaissance

• Artistic movements (abstract, cubism, impressionism, realism, etc.)

• Technology wars (Google vs. Apple vs. Microsoft vs. Samsung, etc.)

• The cause and effect of natural disasters (choose 2-3 specific disasters to discuss – historic or modern)

• History of The Olympics

• Types of therapies and remedies (herbal, music therapy, etc.)

• Modern piracy (Somalian, music/technology)

• Major war battles

• The history of board games

• Identity theft

• Forensic science (evolution of strategies/methods to solve crimes)

• Evolution of social media (mySpace > Facebook > Twitter > Instagram > Snapchat, etc.)

• The Supreme Court of the United States

• Astronomy (constellations, comets/asteroids, etc.)

• 20th Century -isms (Minimalism, Post-Modernism, Neo-classicism, etc.)

• The French Revolution (think Les Miserables…)

• Ancient Chinese Dynasties

• A U.S. Agency (FBI, CIA, NSA, etc.)

• History of a type of music (bluegrass, country, hip hop, jazz, classical)