Sep 20

LMC Fall Book Fair (9/23-27)

The first GMS Book Fair is next week. Please note the dates for each class:

D1,B2: Mon., 9/23 and Wed., 9/25 

D1,B3: Mon., 9/23 and Wed., 9/25 

D1-2, B4: Mon., 9/23 and Wed., 9/25 

D2,B1: Tues., 9/24 and Thurs., 9/26

D2,B3: Tues., 9/24 and Thurs., 9/26

Each class goes to the Book Fair twice, and purchases should be made during these times. The students have received a brochure featuring lots of the books that will be at the fair, so having an idea of what you want will be helpful since some books or items may sell quicker than others! :-)