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Hang on to your hats…  

                        the SOLs are here this week!

SOL testing will begin this Wednesday, May 20.  They will continue through Tuesday, May 26.

On Monday and Tuesday, we will be concluding our SOL review.  Look through your review materials and circle, mark, highlight anything you need to go over again.  The more prepared you come, the more progress we will make to get everyone’s questions answered.

Homework:  continue your jLabs.  Three (3) sets of 40 questions are due the night before the day of your SOL.  Click on Jeff Lab SOL Review Site to the right to get to the website.  Continue to go back over all of your review materials.  Don’t forget the SOL study guide that I gave everyone (two) 2 weeks ago.  I will attach another one here – please review all of the formulas, definitions, theorems, etc.  Most of these formulas are not on the SOL formula sheet.

Geometry SOL Study Guide

My SOL Schedule and Testing Locations:

Wed, May 20 – D2B1 (C-143) & D2B3 (E-163)

Thurs, May 21 – D1B3 (K-224)

Fri, May 22 – D2B2 (LMC)

Tues, May 26 – D1B2 (K-224) & D1B4 (I-211)

Monday, May 25 – Memorial Day holiday!

Friday, May 29 – last day of school; early dismissal at 1:15 pm; graduation at JPJ Arena at 4 pm.

After school tutoring will conclude this week with sessions on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday in preparation for the SOL.  On Wednesday we have our monthly faculty meeting.  All after school sessions will end around 4:30 pm and will be in my class room I-202.  Please make sure that your child has a ride home for the days they stay after school.

Click on your class name to the right each week to get lesson plans, homework, and other important information.

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  1. anonymous says:

    Honors Geometry is fun so far

  2. Jasmin says:

    HI Mrs.Flaig, This is jasmin S. I miss having you as a teacher. I wish you could be my teacher for algebra 2. Well i hope your students are behaving this year.

  3. alec crepps says:

    hey mrs.flaig! this class is so fun <3

  4. cannon shell says:

    mrs. flaig you are my favorite teacher in the entire universe!!! i will always think of you when i use geometry! thanks mrs. flaig <3

  5. anonymous says:

    hi Mrs.Flaig your geometry class is awesome. I was wondering if your website allows kids to put important dates on there google docs calender.

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