Winter Party

We joined with Mrs. Stanley’s class for our winter party.

The  children enjoyed playing in various centers…

and took turns at the art center making gingerbread houses.

This activity helped to develop self-care skills. Children iced their houses using craft sticks which is similar to spreading butter or jelly with a butter knife…

They decorated the houses with candy…

handling small pieces of candy and placing them on their houses.

The proud owner of a gingerbread house….

(Thank you to our families for sending in supplies for this craft and to Mrs. Stanley for sharing these photographs.)






Peanut Butter & Jelly Crackers

As part of our “Fun with Food” theme, we made peanut butter and jelly crackers.

This was a great activity to practice following directions and

sequencing the steps involved in a task.

First, we counted out two square crackers

Second, we used a plastic knife  to spread peanut butter on a cracker.

Next, we spread jelly on the other cracker.

The last  step  was to press the two crackers together…

Learning new skills helps us to feel independent and proud.





Responsible Helpers…

in Building Independence/Self-care Skills , by Donna Dickerson

Each week we rotate jobs in our classroom to give students opportunities to be  responsible helpers. The children take their jobs very seriously and enjoy taking care of our classroom community.

These friends are weather helpers. They are wearing “weather glasses” and reporting on daily weather conditions.



Building Self-care Skills

in Building Independence/Self-care Skills , by Donna Dickerson

This marking period, we are increasing the children’s self-care skills by having them pack up their own belongings in the afternoon. They are expected to put their folders, communication notebooks, and lunchboxes in their backpacks and zip them up, as well as put on/zip up their coats.  Here is a photo of our class relaxing from all that hard work and getting ready to walk out and meet the buses.