RAZ Kids

Read Theory


Fantasy Story Starters

Spelling City

Spelling Bee

Grammar Skills

Grammar Blast

Word Within Words

Power Proofreading

Extreme Sentence Surgeons

Write a Letter

Compare Contrast Map

Alphabetical Order

Storyline Online

Read Along with Georgia Reads


Story Scramble


Antonym Activity

Super Synonym Match Up

Thesaurus and Synonyms

Grilled Cheese Please

Reading Skills Rocket

Into the Book - Write down you login information!

MAP Test Vocabulary Practice 



Pairs Word Game

The Homophone Machine

Homophones Quiz

Homophones Quiz 2


Super Match Game


Affixes – Greek & Latin Roots

Crystal Castle

Jelly Fish



Quia – Chose from 4 different activities.

Using Prefixes

It’s Greek to Me

Dividing Root Words

Root Word Meaning Match 

Stingray Chaser 

Vocabulary Pinball

Word Search

Word Scramble

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