Week 24 – Feb. 9

Week 24 – Feb. 9

Lang. Arts – Novel study groups will continue reading and working on their packets.  This week we will have Words of the Week they are: American, freedom, defend, basic, principle, equality, president, wage, liberty, and boycott.

Math – Students will continue to work on fractions.  We have been busy learning about equivalent fractions and how to add and subtract fractions with like denominators!

Social Studies – This week we will continue to learn about famous americans who have worked to create and defend our basic principles.  Last week we learned about 3 presidents and this week we will discover leaders in the civil rights movement.

Valentine’s Day Party – will be Friday after lunch, please make sure your child brings a valentine for every student in the class.

Friday is also an early dismissal day, students will be released at 1:10.

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