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Week 18 – December 15

Week 18 – December 15

It is hard to believe we have made it to the halfway mark!  This year is flying by, this week we will be MAP testing for our mid-year goals.

Lang. Arts – We will not have Word Study or Words of the Week this week.  We will be finishing up our fiction legends with a quiz on Thursday or Friday.

Math – Students will continue to work on multiplication and division.  Over the break continue to work on multiplication facts, we will have drills beginning when we return that will lead to an ice cream party!

Science – This week we will wrap up our unit on Simple and Compound machines with a test on Thursday.  Students will be creating a brochure to show the six different kinds of simple machines.

*Heritage Doll project is due on Thursday, if you are finished early you are welcome to bring it in before that day.

*We will be going to Envoy at the Meadows for our caroling trip on Friday, be sure to wear some festive clothing and accessories.

*Friday dismissal will be at 1:10.

Week 17 – December 8

Week 17 – December 8

Lang. Arts – This week students will continue reading their fiction books and working on the sequencing strategy.  Students will begin working on a December/Winter/Snowy writing prompt.  Words of the Week – wedge, pulley, inclined, plane, screw, wheel, axle, lever, simple, and machine.

Math – We will continue working on Multiplication and move into understanding Division.

History – Unit test on Ancient Greece, Rome, and Mali on Tuesday.

Science – Students will be working on Simple Machines.

Week 16 – Dec. 1

Week 16 – Dec. 1

Lang Arts – Reading groups will begin new fiction books with a focus strategy of sequencing.  Words of the Week -direct, democracy, community, representative, mosaic, Mali, salt, gold, miners, and desert

Math – This week we will be finishing up our unit on Money with making change.  Practice at home by setting up a pretend store and having your child count back change from a dollar.  Test Friday.

History – Students will be learning about Mali this week, quiz on Thursday.  This will conclude our unit on ancient civilizations we will review and have a test next week.