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Week 9 – Oct. 14

Week 9 – Oct. 14

I hope everyone had a relaxing three day weekend!

Math – Students will continue to explore multiplication this week.

Science – We will begin our unit on the Water Cycle, which continues what students have already learned about earths natural cycles.

Lang. Arts – Our October POWER prompts are now on display in the hallway!  Students will be learning about Author’s Purpose and how it ties into reading with a purpose and writing with a purpose.  This week we will be working with fictional mysteries.  Your child will be reading one of the following books and working on the related skills:

The Footprint

  • make, revise, and confirm predictions before and during reading

-draw conclusions using context clues

-identify and use contractions

-understand the difference between past and present tense

Ghosts in the House

-make, revise, and confirm predictions to understand the text

-make inferences

-identify contractions used in the text

-identify compound words

Mystery in the Moonlight

-visualizing to understand fictional text

-analyze characters in the story

-use future-tense verbs in sentences

The Mystery of Granville Library

-retell to understand the text

-identify elements of the mystery genre

-identify names of people as proper nouns

-identify and create similes