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Week 9 – Oct. 14

Week 9 – Oct. 14

I hope everyone had a relaxing three day weekend!

Math – Students will continue to explore multiplication this week.

Science – We will begin our unit on the Water Cycle, which continues what students have already learned about earths natural cycles.

Lang. Arts – Our October POWER prompts are now on display in the hallway!  Students will be learning about Author’s Purpose and how it ties into reading with a purpose and writing with a purpose.  This week we will be working with fictional mysteries.  Your child will be reading one of the following books and working on the related skills:

The Footprint

  • make, revise, and confirm predictions before and during reading

-draw conclusions using context clues

-identify and use contractions

-understand the difference between past and present tense

Ghosts in the House

-make, revise, and confirm predictions to understand the text

-make inferences

-identify contractions used in the text

-identify compound words

Mystery in the Moonlight

-visualizing to understand fictional text

-analyze characters in the story

-use future-tense verbs in sentences

The Mystery of Granville Library

-retell to understand the text

-identify elements of the mystery genre

-identify names of people as proper nouns

-identify and create similes

Scholastic Order

Scholastic Order

Please remember to place your Reading Club orders by October 08!

You can shop and submit your order online or return the printed order form with payment directly to me. No matter how you order, every purchase you make earns FREE Books and educational supplies for our classroom.

The arrival of the book box is always a highlight-thanks for making it happen!

Happy reading!

Week 8 – October 6

Week 8 – October 6

Lang. Arts – This week we will be finishing up the non-fiction books.  Students will also be working on their October Writing prompts that will be published by October 17.  Words of the Week:  cycle, rotate, revolve, axis, tilt, reflect, illuminate, high, low, and world.

Math – Students will be taking the unit test on Addition and Subtraction on Tuesday.  On Wednesday students will begin working with money.

Science – We are finishing up cycles that occur in nature with moon phases this week.  Students will have a test on Thursday or Friday.

Next Week:  No school for students on Monday